Curriculum Vitae

Educational Record
[koshiro-...+]A cartographer, socio-behavioral geographer, and a cognitive mapping researcher, who is Fukuoka - Kyushu Prefectures native. This Japanese geographer entered Ritsumeikan University initially for studying social issues. As a student at geography department, he has studied geography under Dr.Takahashi Manabu and social research methods under Dr. Iwami Toshikatsu (later he become the mayor of Hyogo prefecture). After his graduation and his enrollment of its graduate school, he has been to the United States for one year majoring in Geographic Information System under Dr.Loren Siebert (from 1997 to 1998). After his homecoming, he had also studied under Dr.Nakaya Tomoki shortly, before he obtained his M.A. degree. Although his initial field of concern was sociological studies (such that he did social research of QOL estimation and behavior of elderly people with the collaboration of Okayama city), he gradually have had a greater concern of cross-cultural aspects in human spatial cognition. Concequently he moved to Tokyo and enrolled in Tokyo Metropolitan University and has taken on as a disciple of Dr.Wakabayashi Yoshiki, who is largely known as the leading authority in behavioral geography in Japan, continuring his researches on cross-cultural effect on human spatial cognition at societal level from varity of viewpoints (such as linguistic and visual information transmissions). He also has completed an cross-cultural wayfinding experiment with the support of Dr.Reginald Golledge (UCSB) in 2005 as a visiting research scholar there. In 2006 he was appointed as a research assistant by the TMU tourism science department founding committee, then in January 2008, he became an assistant professor of the newly built Tourism Science department there. he also has been a member of the committee of human resources cultivation institution for environmental protection and regional development from 2006-2007, and has been a member of the study group for the ECO-TOP board of review from 2007-2008. From 2010 he is appointed as an advisory board of th

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